Mind Body Dictionary Courses

Ingishts, Techniques, Meditations, Movements, Healing

  • $30.00

    $30.00Transforming Universal Mindsets (for individuals & families)

    This course offers an understanding of the stories that keep us stuck in negative life or thinking patterns. Once you recognize the story, you can use the simple yet powerful techniques, movements, and affirmations to pull out of the funk and transform the pattern!
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  • $39.00

    $39.00Losing Emotional Weight

    Discover transformative insights into the influences & patterns contributing to weight issues. Empower yourself with valuable tools & techniques to help you calm the inner conflicts that keep you stuck. Enjoy video meditations, worksheets & protocols.
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  • $7.00

    $7.00Healing the Mind Body Gallbladder

    So many suffer with unresolved gallbladder problems. This mini-course is designed to offer understanding of the mental-emotional contribution to gallbladder problems as well as provide simple techniques to help balance the mind-body gallbladder.
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Discover the Connection

What is the emotional story contributing to your condition?



Discover the Pattern

What stories are you telling yourself that are keeping you stuck?

Mind Body Connection

Offering Real and specific insights

Your body is speaking to you. It is trying to get your attention. It wants you to align and heal. It wants your soul to align with it's divine creation. Listen to the signals and heal from the inside out.


What is the Mind Body Dictionary?

Mind Body Dictionary is an online resource and app that offers a simple and easy to use the search tool to identify specific physical ailments and define their mental-emotional connections. 

You will find positive affirmations that are correlated to specific ailments to facilitate the mindset changes needed to reinforce healthy thinking and living. It also includes referrals to qualified practitioners, products, and classes that will help people along their healing path.