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Universal Mindsets are drama-based thinking patterns we all hold within ourselves and in our relationships. They are the victim, villain, and hero mindsets. Negative drama thinking paradigms hinder our ability to feel peace, calm our mental or emotional state, and be connectable with others. 

Self-observation is essential when seeking real change. Understanding the universal mindset patterns will fine-tune your capacity to see through the story you tell yourself that keeps you in drama patterns.  The insights, tools, and techniques offered in this course will make continual growth, awareness, and transformation possible. 

This course was developed with individuals and families in mind. Concepts are presented through well known stories such as Finding Nemo, Kungfu Panda, The Incredibles, and Insideout to help empower even young children to see and understand how they fall into universal drama mindsets.

The balancing techniques are a simple way to bring you back into connection with your mind, heart, and body. Applying this knowledge in the moment is a powerful awakening tool.

I use these techniques in my work and life, ALL. THE. TIME. I use them as I work with my children, my husband, or when I need a simple calming for a client.

We look forward to connecting with you inside the class!

In the moment of chaos

Reconnect with simple techniques

You will learn...

  • About the victim, villain, and hero mindsets and how to transform them.

  • Three simple and powerful calming techniques.

  • Three brain-integration movements.

  • Six deepening affirmations

  • A five-step protocol to address each mindset.

What are the Universal Mindsets?

We all have them...

  • Victim Mindset

    When you feel harmed or injured by the actions of someone else, life events, or circumstances outside your control. You retract, instead of respond, to life's experiences.

  • Villain Mindset

    When you deliberately or passively dismissing care for others. You prioritize your own needs or desires and don't consider others needs as equal to your own.

  • Hero Mindset

    When you care excessively, prioritizing others needs over your own, rather than offer equal consideration. You ensure others comfort or happiness in order to ensure your personal comfort or happiness.

What are you waiting for?

It's time to take the next steps to transform.

Powerful Benefits

You may discover huge shifts in your life and relationships as you apply this new awarness and these simple but powerful techniques in your life.

  • Calm inner conflict with simple, easy-to-use tools.

  • Create a nurturing space within yourself to build your relationships with others.

  • Understand how specific mindsets trigger conflict or drama and how to calm and transform those mindsets.

Now what?

What do you do when you get stuck in a universal victim, villain or hero mindset? Find out by signing up here.

Transforming Universal Mindsets

For Individuals and Families

Seeing through one's own "story" is an empowering way to move away from contention, frustration, and pain in relationships and move toward empowerment.

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Class Instructor:

Energy Kinesiologist

Denise Scholes

Denise has been working as an Energy Kinesiologist Practitioner for over 10 years. She helps to guide individuals back to health and happiness, realigning their lives with the core wisdom found within. She is passionate about bringing awareness to the holistic field and the phenomenal impact it can have on lives and health.